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With Lavender oil, my sleep patterns have improved, and I feel de-stressed. I am completely satisfied with My Earthy Life essential products.

Elizabeth Wilson

We've always longed for switching to organic! My Earthy life is a combination of nature and science, making its supplements perfect for our transition into a natural lifestyle.

Peter Crane

I have been using My Earthy Life Ashwagandha supplement from long. It has helped me to manage my stress levels and anxiety with nature's purest extracts.

Sherry Windsor

I was a depressed middle-aged woman. Supplements and essential oils from ‘My earthy life ’ have given me the perfect antiaging and anti-stress solutions.

Mark Tylor

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Our Story

Today's hectic life and lifestyle has taken a toll on our bodies, environment and earth. We at 'My Earthy Life' believe that going organic is thus, the healthiest way ahead.

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WellBeing Journal

Let your immunity do the talking.

We have been enjoying life, exchanging words with a pint of beer or a cup of espresso, and suddenly we get a knock! The knock to ourselves by the urgency created by our health to care for it and make it our priority.

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The generation calls for an organic lifestyle!

Have you ever got your head around the dramatic elevation in the sales of organic foods and products? Or have you just come up with another meditation and holistic lifestyle magazine?

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Why has Organic become obvious in 2021?

My mum has always taught me to stay real and natural instead of putting on phrases or masks that make it difficult for people to recognize me.

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