About Us

Very Warm Hello From My Earthy Life

The Worlds first complete 360 WellBeing service platform.
My Earthy Life is helping people like you around the world. Our team comprises of nutritionists, Modern Science, Ayurvedic doctors and Body Movement Therapists (functional mobility) whose expertise and experience with medicine and Ayurveda will optimise vitality for your health and wellbeing. 
My Earthy Life stands out because our orientation lies not just with one, but two pioneering systems for WellBeing... Modern Science and Ayurveda, The Science of Longevity. 
These systems maybe completely different in their nature, but my earthy life unifies the best of these systems to help transform your life. Our Wellbeing Plans help transform thousands of life everyday. Design your personalised WellBeing Plan with our WellBeing Experts.
My Earthy Life x