Doctor On Demand

Schedule a call back from our registered General Practitioners (GPs). Our On Demand GP service can arrange for you to pick up your prescription from a pharmacy near you avoiding catching additional bugs or diseases in the GP Surgery waiting rooms.

Going to the GP for many involves taking half a day out from work and the cost to business and catch up time adds to the already busy lives many of us lead. 

Using our On Demand GP service can have a consultation from your office meeting room in private and control your day without having to rush from office to doctor and back again.You’ll won’t need to catch up with work because you won’t miss anything. Peace of mind as you won’t be rushing from office to GP and back again.


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Ayurveda Expert

Ayurveda is also known as “science of longevity". Ask our Ayurvedic experts to know the true potential of Herbs for your complete wellness. By adopting proven principles and methods dating... Read More

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WellBeing Membership Plan

Give a 12 month commitment to yourself to Regenerate and Optimise your Mental & Physical WellBeing to live and experience a joyful life.- Regain functional mobility through targeted stretches to... Read More

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Nutrition Expert

With our rich in experience expert nutritionists identify nutrition rich foods to help you achieve your WellBeing goals.Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle or prepare for specific... Read More

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Guided Meditation

Erase anxiety, stress from your life. Buy or Gift our World leading pioneering Guided Meditation Session for yourself or as a gift for a loved one or friend. Available through scheduled live webinars..

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Distribution Programme

Become your own boss.Join Our Industry Leading Distribution Program.If you are passionate about Health and WellBeing and at the same time and would like to turn your passion into your primary income..

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Dosha Check - Optimise WellBeing

Knowing your personal mind-body-constitution is crucial to make Ayurveda work for you since its effectiveness is based on treating people individually. Every person is influenced by all three doshas..

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