Physiotherapist - Functional movement Specialists

The human body is designed for movement. Today's sedentary lifestyle choices lead to chronic muscular diseases which then create a fertile environment for chronic organ disease. Let’s take for example, the Psoas muscle. 

The Psoas muscle is the only muscle which joins the lower torso to the upper torso. Sitting at a desk for 6-8 hrs a day and then on the sofa for another 2 to 3 hrs a day excluding driving or public transport and sleeping time, you can see how inactive ones body is. 

A tight Psoas muscle leads to tight quadriceps, stretched hamstrings and tight calves, all leading to major knee and hip ailments. Further as the Psoas is connected to the Lower vertebrae, where nerve endings are also connected to the digestive system ( Now commonly referred to as the humans body’s second brain). 

When the digestive system is not functioning, and goes unchecked, this leads to further chronic life threatening ailments associated with internal organs and life threatening diseases such as cancer. When someone’s liver or spleen fails (Vital organs to staying alive) years of unchecked lifestyle habits and incorrect consumption of foods lead to the failure of such organs. Daily wellbeing is affected through brain fog, bad moods and depression because of constipation. The body is effectively being slowly poisoned.

Our in house Functional Movement Specialist Physiotherapists will conduct a detailed analysis of your lifestyle habits and design easy to implement and use stretching and movement exercises to improve your flexibility and contribute to your overall mental well being and health of your vital organs.