Sustainability & Giving Back the very heart of our ecosystem. the very heart of our ecosystem.

Sustainable Sourcing is at the very heart of what we do at My Earthy Life working as individuals and collectively with internal and external colleagues and stakeholders. We work with Farmers Co-operatives to ensure they can generate a maximum return on the harvest so that they are able to re-invest into future crops and to improve the lives of their current and future generations.

Through our regional office in India we ensure where possible we buy directly from our farmers in rural India to ensure a maximum return on their crop yield and are also supporting a number of initiatives across the local areas through our collaboration with a non profit organisation made up of volunteers - HEEALS which is an acronym of Health, Education, Environment And Livelihood Society. 

Helping to foster self sustaining societies in the poorest areas of India, by empowering local communities in the ares of health, education and society by providing human, technical and financial resources to achieve a healthy, educated, environmentally conscious and livelihood focussed society.

Core areas of focus are:

  • To raise the level of nutrition.
  • The welfare of communities.
  • Equal rights for men and women.
  • Education to ensure sustainable livelihoods.
  • Opportunities and facilities for children to develop.
  • Protect and improve the environment.

Watch our short 6 minute video documentary about Roshni, a young girl in India where the important work by Heeals led to improvements in education and societal behaviour surrounding menstrual, sanitation hygiene and the impact on childrens education.


If you would like to become involved, help or donate please get in touch at or contact Heeals directly at